Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Web Conference

Let me tell you how great web conferencing is! While you are on your audio conferencing calls, you can also have your participants go on the internet and watch a power point presentation.
I can show my participants white board, slide show and chat. Participants can hear and watch my presentation while on web conferencing. The web conferencing is a 24/7 account so I have access to web conferencing at any time. This is such a great service to add to your conference call account.

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Anonymous said...

I recently opened a 24/7 account with Eagle Teleconferencing for my conference calls. I am so excited about the service, that I wanted to share this easy conference service with everyone.
I can have 50 participants on my conference calls at anytime, day or night. I just let my participants know the date and time of the conference call, they enter their 4 digit pin number with the #sign and we are all connected to the conference call! I am so happy I this low rate conference calling account that I can use anytime I want.