Monday, July 28, 2008

asap calls

If you are like me and you forget to set up a conference call that is supposed to take place in an hour and you need it done right now, its a comfort knowing that you can call Eagle Teleconferencing and set the conference call up and get a confirmation over the phone in just a few minutes. No matter what part of the world you are calling from there is always someone at Eagle Teleconferencing to make sure setting up your conference call happens for you as quickly as possible. It's also extremely convenient that Eagle Teleconferencing can fax, e-mail, call, or keep you on the line for a confirmation. I can always expect a reply within the hour.

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Anonymous said...

I used Eagle Teleconferencing last night for the first time, and the quality of there conference lines are wonderful. They have a lot of features that are easy to use, you just use on your touch tone phone! I really love that I can always find out how many participants are on my conference line. They have the best audio conferencing out there. I recommend that anybody that uses conference calls check out Eagle Teleconferencing.