Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I use Eagle on a daily bases, and I get all my conference calls recorded. I have them send me a MP3 file as a web link and it is so fast to get. I get it with in 24 hours of my conference call (sometimes even sooner), but is isn't usually longer than 24 hours after my call. It has really worked out great because then I can have that recorded call for every by just saving it to my computer. Thanks Eagle!

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Marty said...

My friend and I just started a new business, and we were looking for away to help get our business going. So we had decided that we would try conference calls. It has been great, we called Eagle teleconferencing and set up an account, the type of account we set up we can have any where from one caller to thousands of callers. So as our company grows then we can have our conference calls get bigger to for no additional fee. I would highly recommend Eagle Teleconferencing to anyone who uses conference calls!