Thursday, January 31, 2008

We have bad weather coming in & to make sure that business will be taken care of, I have just called Eagle teleconferencing to set up a conference call. For those of us who don't want to be stranded at work, this is a great idea! We can be in the comfort of our home & still hold a business meeting. Next time I'll have it recorded & posted to my audio podium!

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Anonymous said...

If you are like me and you forget to set up a conference call that is supposed to take place in an hour and you need it done right now, its a comfort knowing that you can call Eagle Teleconferencing and set the conference call up and get a confirmation over the phone in just a few minutes. No matter what part of the world you are calling from there is always someone at Eagle Teleconferencing to make sure setting up your conference call happens for you as quickly as possible. It's also extremely convenient that Eagle Teleconferencing can fax, e-mail, call, or keep you on the line for a confirmation. I can always expect a reply within the hour.