Wednesday, January 16, 2008

24 hour service

Our company recently started using started using Eagle Teleconferecing for all our conferece calls because they have a great 24 hour service. Some one is in there office at all times. So if I decide at 1:30 am that I need a conference call I can call in and get it set up! This is great. They are open on holidays too!


Anonymous said...

That is great service for Eagle teleconferencing to be there anytime I need them! I am in Austraila and it is hard to plan around the time differences, so this is a great teleconferecing service!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to find a teleconferencing sevice that is open 24 hours. My company is based in London but I have employees working for me all around world. When I decided to go with teleconferencing I went with Eagle Teleconferencing and I have no regrets. They are there 24/7 whenever I need to set up a call or make a change last minute.

Marty said...

This sounds like a great feature from eagle teleconferencing that I would love to have.